3D Printing

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How it works

3D printing allows us to turn a digital 3D model into a physical object. It's an additive process where material is built up in layers; this means there is almost no waste material. It's perfect for creating complex 3D shapes.

Our 3D Printers

Our machines can print in recycled plastic, resin, food and ceramic. Bed volumes vary and different print mediums have their own advantages for different applications.

Filament 3D Printer

Our workhorse, the most traditional method of 3D printing. A huge array of different filaments to choose from in endless colours and with different properties, to make anything from a bespoke component to a prototype product.

a close up of a grey 3D printed logo shape with red straps attached to it.
2 identical miniature building models One printed on a 3D filament printer the other on a 3D resin printer

Resin 3D printer

The resin printer uses a light sensitive resin to build the work piece out of a pool of resin in the base of the machine. This allows for very high resolution printing with superior material properties to traditional filament printing. Because of this, the resin printer is perfect for iterative prototyping of high performance components.

Ceramic 3D printer

The ceramic printer can create forms that would otherwise be impossible to achieve using traditional pottery techniques. We are super excited about its potential to combine traditional craft with parametrically generated design.

A ceramic printer half way through printing a wavy vase
A ceramic printer half way through printing a wavy vase

Food 3D printer

The food printer is our super fun showpiece, printing in chocolate and marzipan we even have our eyes on testing pasta and mashed potato.

A 3D printing head made out of blue marzipan


We need a design to work from to start the quoting process. To accurately cost for a job we load the final design file into our software to see how long it will take to produce.

Prices will vary depending on the materials involved and the effects desired.

Our minimum project cost is £50 + VAT

Delivery – from £10 or free collection. Find us

Please note, Duke Makes is a cashless venue and will only accept bank transfer or card payments for all services.

What we need

If you plan to provide your own files

3D model file
STL files can be exported from all major 3D modelling software


Do you do any discounts?

Not as such, although we do have a limited time offer on at the moment (*excluding the food printer).

Head over to the blog here for how to claim the 50% off your project.

How long will it take?

Most projects can be completed within 2 weeks, however our booking times vary depending on busy periods. For a project to be expedited, if we have capacity , we charge an additional fast-track fee. Please get in touch with your artworks and details of the project and we will follow up from there on time and costs.

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