CNC Routing

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How it works

Our 3 axis, 10'5', CNC machine works by directing a high power computer controlled router to cut parts from most panel products. With a precision of 0.01mm it is great for producing large quantities of very high accuracy parts and larger scale projects from shop fitting to prop making.

Read on for a more in depth look at how it works or if you know what you're doing click "get a quote" above and upload your .dxf file for a quote back in 24h.



Bear in mind material of this size will only just fit inside on the bed, with the tool able to cut approx 10mm in from the largest dimension.

02/Cutting Width

We most commonly use a 6mm cutter but there is a huge range of tools for more specific tasks.

03/Cutting Depth (Max)

This is the maximum depth we can cut and carve on most materials. Other techniques can be used to achieve greater depth such as layering materials.

Our CNC router has a 1520 mm x 3050mm bed size and is capable of cutting and engraving or scultpting pretty much anything up to 50mm thick, except metal. It can also foam carve up to 100mm thick.

CNC router - showing the automatic tool changer

What we can do

Our 3 axis CNC machine can cut, engrave and 3D sculpt. A whole host of tools can be used and combined together to create different effects. Cutting anything from foam to plywood and many many materials in between, there are endless combinations to create exciting things.

Note: you may see a variety of different terms used by others to describe these processes - but this is how we describe them:

1. Profile

Cut following a vector path. The machine can be programmed for cutting "inside", "outside" or "on" the vector.

A peg board with various colourful shapes cut with the CNC router
A 6ft plywood box full of a moving plywood landscape mechanism. Being tested in a workshop
A number 1, cut from white melomin faced plywood with the CNC router

2. Pocket

Remove an area of material defined by a closed vector to a set depth.

A logo for 'little journey', pocket cut with the CNC router
Close up of an intricate CNC routed sign for Duke Makes

3. Carving

Upload a .stl file and have the form carved out by up to 8 specialist carving tools.

3D Carved plywood in wave shapes cut using the CNC router
A close up of a CNC machine carving some modelling foam
A CNC cut and carved sign


We have experience with cutting most materials including Hardwood, Birch Ply, MDF, Composites, Acrylics, Solid Surface, Plastics, Valchromat, Polycarbonate, Corian, Himacs. We do not cut metal. Common materials are listed below but if you have something else in mind we are happy to discuss other options.



Birch Plywood

Laser Plywood



Veneered Plywood

Modelling Foam



Decorative Panels

Recycled Plastic Sheets



Simply upload your design files when completing the quote request and we can get straight back to you with a cost within 24h

If required, we can also charge for design files to be created.

Prices will vary depending on the materials involved and the effects desired.

Our Minimum CNC Project Cost is £100 + VAT

We offer discounted rates for large production jobs and 10% Student Discount.

Delivery – from £10 or free collection. Find us

We send out everything from envelopes to pallets. Include your delivery address when requesting a quote and we will include this cost.

What we need

If you plan to provide your own files

The CNC runs from vector files. We prefer DWG, DXF or AI

We can create these from other image files, however if you are not able to provide vector files then there will be additional setup costs for this process.

Generally we work with standard sheet sizes of 8 x 4" (AKA 2440mm x 1220mm). So bear this in mind when you are setting out your design files.

Filetypes to provide

For all formats please download our file guide below to get started setting up your file correctly.


CAD file


Adobe Illustator
CAD file

Extra Cost, Non-vector format (examples)

Microsoft Word

We have a handy template guide you can download to get you started and use to submit your files to us.


How Much will it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the materials involved and the effects desired and the time it takes to produce.

Our Minimum CNC Project Cost is £100 + VAT

To accurately cost for a job we load the final design file into our software to see how long it will take to produce.

Fill out our job enquiry form here with all your details and upload any artworks you have and we can get back to you with a quote.

Can I use the CNC myself?

We cannot hire out the CNC machine.

If you have artworks you need cutting, fill out our job enquiry form here with all your details and upload any artworks you have and we can get back to you with a quote.

How long will it take?

Most projects can be completed within 2 weeks, however our booking times vary depending on busy periods. For a project to be expedited, if we have capacity , we charge an additional fast-track fee. Please get in touch with your artworks and details of the project and we will follow up from there on time and costs.

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