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How it works

Our Plotter works by directing a knife to cut out shapes specifed on the computer.



Bear in mind material of this size will only just fit inside our laser cutter, with the laser able to cut around 1cm in from the largest dimension.

02/Cutting Width (Min)

This is the very minimum tolerance that is theoretically achievable. In reality, the focus of the laser is imperfect, and you should plan for around 1mm width cutting.

03/Cutting Depth (Max)

Again this is the absolute maximum depth we can cut on most materials, and materials that are thinner than this will cut best.

Our Laser Cutter has a 1300mm x 900mm bed size and is capable of cutting and engraving pretty much anything up to 12mm thick, except metal. For cutting thicker materials, take a look at our CNC Machine.

How it works

Our machine, #VinylRichie, can produce large designs precision cut from vinyl that can be stuck onto a variety of surfaces. You can use vinyl for anything from producing stickers to large commercial signage.

VinylRichie has a 1200mm bed size and is capable of cutting any type of vinyl.

A Vinyl Cutting machine cutting yellow vinyl

1. Cut

Cut straight all the way through the material, following a vector path.

2. Weed

The process of removing the excess vinyl from the design.

3. Back

We apply clear backing to make it nice and easy to install.

Large frosted vinyl shapes on a floor to ceiling window
Large Orange vinyl cut lettering on the window of Bundobust, with their name and logo
Man walking past a vinyl display cut for Colours May Vary retail shop

01/Roll SIZE

A roll of vinyl labelled as 1200mm wide

Our machine takes Vinyl rolls of a fixed width of 1200mm.


A knife blade

A knife blade ensures precision cutting.

03/Cutting DETAIL (MIN)

The letters 'ABC' with arrows showing the height to be 10mm (our minimum lettering size)

We are able to produce text as small as 10mm in height — though use of bold fonts is important in most cases.

Types of Vinyl

We can source a large range of colours and finishes for you, including flat colour, frosted and metallic.

No items found.


We need a design to work from to start the quoting process. To be able to accurately cost for a job we load the final design file into our software to see how long it will take to produce.

If required, we can also charge for design files to be created.

Prices will vary depending on the intricacy involved and the overall size.

Our Minimum Vinyl Project Cost is £50 + VAT

We offer discounted rates for large production jobs and 10% Student Discount.

Delivery – from £10 or free collection. Find us

What we need

If you plan to provide your own files

The vinyl runs from vector files. We prefer AI. Please ensure any font has been outlined so that it loads into our software correctly.

We can create these from other image files, however if you are not able to provide vector files then there will be additional setup costs for this process.

Filetypes to provide


Adobe Illustator

Extra Cost, Non-vector format (examples)

Microsoft Word


How much will it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the detail involved and the overall size and the time it takes to produce.

Our Minimum Vinyl Project Cost is £50 + VAT

As much as we love phone charades we really need a design to work from to start the quoting process.

To accurately cost for a job we load the final design file into our software to see how long it will take to produce.

Fill out our job enquiry form here with all your details and upload any artworks you have and we can get back to you with a quote.

How long will it take?

Most projects can be completed within 2 weeks, however our booking times vary depending on busy periods. For a project to be expedited, if we have capacity , we charge an additional fast-track fee. Please get in touch with your artworks and details of the project and we will follow up from there on time and costs.

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