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CNC Artwork Submission Guide

January 24, 2023

Welcome to our CNC User Guide!

This guide will help you set up your artwork for the RUN CNC. For more information including appropriate materials and pricing, see our services page.

For those who are already experienced with CNC, we've created this guide to make it easier for both of us. Follow the link at the end of the blog to download the .ai guide and make setting up for CNC easier.

Our CNC Machine works from vectors, so Adobe Illustrator is an excellent software to use to set up your design. Our ideal format is a .DXF which can be exported from most CAD and graphic design software.

Our CNC Machine has the capability to utilise up to 8 tools at any given time, allowing us to create a wide variety of cuts, carves, and pockets.

Our most commonly used tool is a 6mm end mill, which is suitable for most types of work. However, if a finer hole or slot is needed, we also have a 4mm end mill. As well as these standard tools, we have a whole range of specialised tools at our disposal. If you are unsure which tool is best suited for your project, just let us know when you submit your file and we'll be happy to advise you.

When creating your file, it's important to separate each type of cut onto a different layer and name each layer in the following format: 'Cut type - tool type - cut depth'. This will help us quickly identity the use for each layer and select the appropriate tool. Download the file below to see an example of the appropriate layer format.

Once you’ve finished your design, save as a .DXF (.DWG or .AI are also usable) file and send it to us via our website

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